Brief History of TeachArt Wiki
TeachArt Wiki debuted in fall 2008. At its debut, it mainly involved the students taking Dr. Suchan’s ART 221 History of Asian Art and Dr. Guey-Meei Yang’s ART 331 Technology in Art Education at Eastern Michigan University. In a nutshell, students in ART 221 wrote content entries for Asian key cultural topics, artists, and artworks; ART 331 students expanded TeachArt Wiki entries by designing art lessons and appending them at the end of the content entries of their choices. In addition, students individually or collaboratively edited content and/or art lesson entries written by other students. Starting winter 2009, the participants of TeachArt Wiki are expanding to include educators and students who teach and take art, art education, and art history classes at various levels (kindergarten to college) and in school, college, museum, and gallery settings.

TeachArt Wiki is intended to serve multiple, intricate purposes: (1) facilitating peer, non-hierarchical, and social learning; (2) co-constructing and circulating knowledge; and (3) engaging its participants in intra-classroom, inter-disciplinary, inter-classroom, and inter-institutional dialogues.