Artist and Artwork Entries by Geographical and Cultural Region
This list is intended to provide a general overview of TeachArt Wiki entries for its users to get a feel of the content and scope of entries that have already been created. Each entry has been tagged as belonging to one of the following geographical designations. Like with any system of labeling and categorization not everything is clear cut. There are many cases where artworks and artists don't fit precisely under one label or could easily fit into several categories such as the case with many international contemporary artist who have lived and worked in different places. For this list we have opted to organize artworks by geographical region based on their geographical place of origin and in some cases the cultural ethnicity of their creator(s). To avoid having an overwhelming number of geographical designations we have simplified them into several geographical designations. As more diverse entries are added the listing method used will attempt to reflect that diversity. Any apparent biases in the selection and arrangement of geographical designations are unintentional. If you wish to make suggestions for improving this list or propose other ways to list content entries on the TeachArt Wiki please email the managers of the TeachArt Wiki.

Africa (entries with an "African artist" tag)
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Native America (entries with a "Native American artist" tag)
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USA (entries with a "USA artist" tag)
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Central America/Mesoamerica (entries with a "Central American artist" tag)
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South America (entries with a "South American artist" tag)
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China (entries with a "Chinese artist" tag)
  1. 1999.6.1--Fang Lijun
  2. Angel No. 1 - Cui Xiuwen
  3. Art Museums in Taiwan
  4. Bao Tashan in Yan'an by Cui Guotai
  5. Block SARS, Defend the Homeland--Zhao Bandi
  6. Blooming Flowers--Yang Shanshen
  7. Bodhisattva of compassion, Guanyin--a 14th Century wood carving
  8. Book from the Sky--Xu Bing
  9. Braiding--Lin Tianmiao
  10. Carved Bamboo Brush Washer in the Shape of a Lotus Leaf by Chu San-hung
  11. Chairman Mao goes to Anyuan
  12. Chinese art - Heavenly Horse
  13. Construction--Cui Guotai
  14. Copying the Orchid Pavilion Preface a Thousand Times -- Qiu Zhijie
  15. DADDY Project; Daddy -- Yan Xing
  16. Descending Light--Ai Weiwei
  17. Disqualified City - Ximen, 2002 Yuan Guangming
  18. Dragon Boat Regatta
  19. Duchamp Retrospective Exhibition in China--Shi Xinning
  20. Environmental Issues in China
  21. Ethical Issues in China
  22. Fish Swimming Amid Falling Flowers -- Liu Cai
  23. Fusion Portraits-Ye Hongxing
  24. Gilt Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha and Stand
  25. Girl and Toy-- He Sen
  26. Goddess of the Luo River -- Gu Kai Zhi
  27. Great Criticism Coca-Cola--Wang Guangyi
  28. Green Hei Gen No.10 -- Zhou Chunya
  29. Guanyin (Kuan-yin) of a Thousand Arms and Eyes
  30. Guanyin (Kuan-Yin)--A Ming Dynasty Porcelain scuplture
  31. Head On -- Cai Guoqiang
  32. Head On A Plate, 2001, Yung Hsein-Chen
  33. Heaven - Yao Jui Chung
  34. History of womens' issues in China
  35. Horse Treads on the Hun - Tomb of General Huo Qubing
  36. In Front of the Tian'anmen Square--Sun Zixi
  37. Invisible Project -- Walis Labai
  38. Jade Kuei Scepter
  39. Ladies Room -- Cui Xiuwen
  40. Last Words--Zhang Peili
  41. Let the Hills be Hills and the Rivers be Rivers...--Yong Liangyang
  42. Lian Decheng (Lien Te- cheng)
  43. Liberation of Taiwan - Yao Jui Chung
  44. Little Guests in the Moon Palace
  45. Longitude 109.88 E and Latitude 31.09 N by Zhuang Hui
  46. Mustard Plant and Butterflies
  47. My Things No. 6 -- Hong Hao
  48. Nationalism and Tibet
  49. New Ming-De Village 明德新村, Lovely South Taiwan, Acrlic by Lee Ming-Tse
  50. Night Revels of Lao Li - Wang Qingsong
  51. Noble Horse
  52. Once Upon a Time on Broadway--Liu Ye
  53. Peaceful Hope - Yun Bai
  54. Peonies
  55. Pi-hsieh Jade Statue
  56. Ping Pong Mao - Zhang Hongtu
  57. Poem Written in a Boat on the Wu River- Mi Fu
  58. Porcelain bowl with Xiwangmu
  59. Porcelain Dish with the Immortals from Jingdezhen
  60. Post-Classical – Return of the Great Sorrow--Wang Guangyi
  61. Qing Ming Shanghe Tu
  62. Recall--Beili Liu
  63. Resources for Learning about Art in Contemporary China
  64. Resources for Learning about Art in Taiwan
  65. River River -- Chen Qiulin
  66. Self-portrait of Lamqua at the age of Fifty-two
  67. Self-Portrait--Pan Yuliang
  68. Self-Portrait--Zhang Jie
  69. Small Camel--Zhou Tiehai
  70. Taipei Tomorrow as a Lake Again - Wu Mali
  71. Ten Years of Moving Rainbow - Xiong Wenyun
  72. Terence Koh - These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Light
  73. The Admonitions of the Court Instructress
  74. The Artist's Piss - Lee Ming-sheng
  75. The Belief-Girl Series--Wang Guangyi
  76. The Big Family No. 2 -- Zhang Xiaogang
  77. The Eight Hosts of Celestial Nagas and Yakshis
  78. The First Prose Poem on the Red Cliff--Wen Zhengming
  79. The Love Bird's Sweet Time - Shy Gong
  80. The Statue of Amogha-pasa Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva
  81. The Statue of Kneeling Archer---The Emperor's Eternal Warrior
  82. The Sweet Embrace--Zhao Bo
  83. The Three Sages in the Ocean of Misery - Yang Maolin
  84. Three-Legged Buddha--Zhang Huan
  85. Tibet-Sheepherder--Chen Danqing
  86. Tomb Guardian in Sancai Glaze
  87. Tunnel War--Luo Gongliu
  88. United Nations- China Monument, Temple of Heaven- Wenda Gu
  89. Untitled work by Ang Sang
  90. Vase in the Shape of an Archaic Bronze Vessel
  91. What to Drive Out?--Liu Xiaodong
  92. Whose Utopia?--Cao Fei
  93. Winter Landscape
  94. Wish for Patriotism--Weng Fen
  95. Xie An At East Mountain by Lou Guan
  96. Xiong Wenyun
  97. Xun Yang Yi Yun - oil painting by Yifei Chen
  98. Yi Fan No.2--Zhang Peng
  99. Yu-Tan With Basket--Shang Ding

Japan (entries with a "Japanese artist" tag)

Korea (entries with a "Korean artist" tag)

South Asia (entries with a "South Asian artist" tag) This includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Southeast Asia (entries with a "Southeast Asian artist" tag) This includes Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia...
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Himalaya (entries with a "Himalayan artist" tag) Includes Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and related regions
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Central Asia (entries with a "Central Asian" tag) Includes Mongoliaand related regions
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Middle East (entries with a "Middle Eastern artist" tag)
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Pacific Islands (entries with a "pacific artist" tag) This includes Islands of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia
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Australia (entries with a "Australian artist" tag)
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