Below is a list of the current Asian Art entries that you can choose from to revise for the wiki assignment. Please use the "Table of Contents" link to look over different entries. Choose at least two that you think would like to work on then return to this page and click on "Edit this Page". Type your wikispaces name below the entry titles you would like to be assigned to let others know. If someone has already taken an entry that you like you can still add your name below theirs--we will sort out who does what on next wednesday. Make sure you save the page when you are done typing.

1. 1999.6.1--Fang Lijun
2. Block SARS, Defend the Homeland--Zhao Bandi
3. Blooming Flowers--Yang Shanshen
4. Book from the Sky--Xu Bing
5. Braiding--Lin Tianmiao
6. Carved Bamboo Brush Washer in the Shape of a Lotus Leaf
8. Descending Light--Ai Weiwe
9. Dragon Boat Regatta
10. Duchamp Retrospective Exhibition in China--Shi Xinning
13. Gilt Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha and Stand
14. Great Criticism Coca-Cola--Wang Guangyi
15. Green Hei Gen No.10 -- Zhou Chunya
16. Guanyin
17. He Sen
18. Head On -- Cai Guoqiang
19. Ladies Room -- Cui Xiuwen
20. Little Guests in the Moon Palace
21. Longitude 109.88 E and Latitude 31.09 N by Zhuang Hui
22. My Things No. 6 -- Hong Hao
24. Night Revels of Lao Li - Wang Qingsong
25. Once Upon a Time on Broadway--Liu Ye
Sarah Banas
26. Porcelain bowl with Xiwangmu
27. Porcelain Dish with the Immortals from Jingdezhen
28. Qing Ming Shanghe Tu
29. Recall--Beili Liu
30. River River -- Chen Qiulin
31. Self-Portrait, Pan Yuliang
32. Self-Portrait--Zhang Jie
snickers10 Mercywhitney
33. Shan Shui Environmental Art
34. The Belief-Girl Series--Wang Guangyi
35. The Big Family No. 2 -- Zhang Xiaogang
36. The First Prose Poem on the Red Cliff--Wen Zhengming
37. The Statue of Kneeling Archer---The Emperor's Eternal Warrior
38. The Sweet Embrace--Zhao Bo
39. Three-Legged Buddha--Zhang Huan
40. Tunnel War--Luo Gongliu
41. Untitled work by Ang Sang
42. Whose Utopia?--Cao Fei
43. Winter Landscape
45. Yi Fan No.2--Zhang Peng

1. Eight-Planked Bridge
2. Entertainments of the Four Seasons in Kyoto
3. Family Album Blood Objects--Yoko Ono
4. Giant Torayan--Kenji Yanobe
5. Kitagawa Utamaro, Courtesan in Procession(1793-1795)
6. Mariko Mori - Wave UFO
7. Plum Estate--Utagawa Hiroshige
8. Self-Portrait--Miyamoto Musashi
9. Shimomura Kanzan
10. Takashi Murakami- And then and then and then and then
11. Tsumadachi
12. Yoshitomo Nara

1. Do-ho suh installation art today
2. Head of Buddha

South Asia
1. Bodhisattva Padmapani
2. Chamunda- Chola Dynasty
3. I Dig, I look Down--Mithu Sen
4. Narasimha
5. Shiva as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance
6. Vasudhara
7. Yashoda Adorning Krishna

Southeast Asia
1. Borobudur Temple Compounds

1. Chen Rezig
2. My Identity - Gonkar Gyatso
4. Seated Buddha Akshobhya
5. Untitled work by Ang Sang
6. Yama