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PA TA Gallery


This gallery was founded in 1987. It has built up a great reputation in the Art Gallery business. The founder, Mr. Hsu Tung-Lung, graduated from National Taiwan normal University Fine Arts department. He is a master in jade carving, stone carving, and oil painting. He has won many awards and his works have been shown in many art exhibitions. In addition to his great art skills, his abundant experience of running ten different businesses makes his ability unique and original in appreciating art works, analyzing the operation of business, and appraising the art market.
The founder is looking forward to connecting the art of China and Taiwan through the founding of Modern Hall in Beijing by PA TA Gallery.The future of the gallery will be to connect Chinese art to international art field and promote brilliant contemporary Chinese artists and help them stand on the international stage.

也趣藝廊 AKI Gallery


AKI was founded in 2002. It is a gallery that combines house ware, art gallery and a coffee shop. The art exhibited in AKI is contemporary art made by emerging and mid-career artists who work in a variety of media.
AKI gallery is located 141, Min Tsu W. rd., Taipei 103-69, Taiwan.
The following are some artists who have exhibited at Aki:

Amely Spötzl
Chou Chu Wang
Chou Yu Cheng
Fan Yang Tsung
Hsieh Mu Chi
Hua Chien Chiang
Huang Bow-wei
Huang Pei Hang
Kuo Hui Chan
Lee Chen Dao
Lian Yu-Pei
Lin Guan Ming
Lo Chan Peng
Matthias Gàlvez
Shen Chao Liang
Tzeng Yong Ning
Wang Liang Yin
Yu Siuan

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99 Degree Art Center (Taipei):

99° Art Center (99DAC) was founded in July, 2003. Its home gallery is located at the intersection of Renai Road and Tunhua South Road, right in the middle of an area that is the artistic heart of Taipei. 99DAC has established its self with a strong reputation in art gallery circles of Taiwan. In May 2008, a branch is opened at M50 in Shanghai, China to reach more art lovers and strengthen its reputation in the art world. Aided by the multicultural ideals of Taiwan domestic and foreign, 99DAC is constantly on the lookout for artists who are headed for greatness in history; meanwhile, being recognized as a Taiwanese gallery, 99DAC Shanghai aims to facilitate artistic exchange across the world, to better represent the different dimensions of contemporary Chinese art. Fur

The 99° Arts Center the only professional arts center holding solo shows by current main stream artists on a monthly basis. Its seminars serve an educational function, and its scope of activities embraces the most outstanding artists working in a variety of creative mediums. A few artists that exhibit at the Art center are:
Chiu HsienTe
Chen HsienTung
Lin LiangTsai
李山大 Li Suntta

Chi-Wen Gallery

The Chi-Wen Gallery is founded by Joanne Huang Chi-Wen. Originally established in July 2004 as Taipei’s MOMA, the gallery officially changed its name to Chi-Wen Gallery in January 2006. Chi-Wen Gallery is known for showing contemporary Taiwanese art from reputable artists. Many of these artists use digital media such as Chen Chieh-Jen, Hung Tung-Lu, Peng Hung-Chih, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Wu Tien-Chang, Yao Jui-Chung and Yuan Goang-Ming. Many of the artists shown in the Chi-Wen Gallery have grown to have important historical significance in Taiwan today. Artists such as Chen Chieh-Jen and Yao Jui-Chung use their works to inspire the people of Taiwan today by commenting on Taiwan's difficult past.

Dynasty Art Gallery

The Dynasty Art Gallery (DAG), was founded in 1984 in the city of Taipei. The DAG is an importer and wholesaler of prints and posters from America and Europe. The Gallery also acts as an agent for professional artists and has been influential in organizing art fairs in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Europe. In 2007, The Dynasty Art Gallery became the executive director of the “Taiwan Contemporary Art Link” and in 2009 organized “Young Art Taipei” and “Photo Taipei."