National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
images.jpg Situated in the cityscape of downtown Taipei, the National Taiwan Normal University 國立臺灣師範大學 has long been regarded as one of Taiwan’s elite institutions of higher education. Eventually established, in 1947, as a teachers college, the university has certainly continued its commitment to quality education and teacher training. Furthermore offering a variety of courses and degrees such as in sociology, business management, science, athletics, and the liberal arts, the university is also recognized internationally for its Chinese Mandarin studies program, which alone bring in more than a thousand students each year and nonetheless contributes to the institutions existing cultural diversity. The college of Fine and Applied Arts at the university, which offers concentrations in Art History, Design, Fine Arts, and Visual Design, not only prepares students for positions at art galleries and museums, and cultural centers, but also benefits from the cultural hub that is Taipei in which it is situated and significantly involved.

Just focus on the college of fine art

National Taiwan University of Art, Taipei , Taiwan
external image national_taiwan_university_of_arts.gifNational Taiwan University of Art 國立臺灣藝術大學 was founded 1955 and is the oldest running art school in Taiwan. Although the name has changed many times over the years, in 2001 the school received its present name. The school has five major programs, starting with the College of Fine Arts, the College of Design, the College of Commutations, the College of Performing Arts and finally, the College of Humanities. The university offers undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees as well as two years in-serves BA and MA programs. The average student body is made up of about 5000 students. Important qualities of National Taiwan University of Arts are some of its successful graduates. One of the most famous alumni is Ang Lee is a well know movie director who won the Best Director award at the 78th Academy Awards for Brokeback Mountain.

National Tainan Teachers School
external image nutn.gifNational University of Tainan, formerly called the Provincial Tainan Teachers School until 2004. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts, Music, and Drama for the purpose of training students to be secondary visual arts instructors. NUTN also houses the Graduate Institute of Animation and Multimedia Design founded in 2007. The aim of this institute is to train students to be professional animators and multimedia designers capable of serving in Tainan's international design industry.

Taipei National University of the Arts
Located in Kuandu, Taipei City, Taiwan and considered one of the top academic institutions in higher education, research and development, the National Institute of the Arts (國tnua.jpg立藝術學院) was founded in 1982 as an institute of higher learning for the arts with the objective to advocate modern Chinese art centered on the cultural heritage of China. They recieved their new name, Taipei National University of the Arts, in 2001. Campus is always full of something to do with the addition of a Music Hall, the new Performing Arts Center, including a theater hall and a dance recital hall, the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, the Center for the Study of Traditional Arts, and the Center for the Study of Art and Technology. TNUA also offers an Educational Outreach and an International Exchange program. There are annual festivals organized by TNUA including the Kuandu Arts Festival and the Kuandu Flower Art Festival as well as art exhibitions and theatrical performances by the faculty and students. The currently attending 900 students have the option of receiving their Bachelors or Graduate degrees from one of the many schools of TNUA. Notable graduates from TNUA include cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich, composer Ma Shui-Long, choreographer Lin Huai-min, and theatrical set designer Ming Cho Lee. You can even find TNUA on Facebook. For more information visit their website at