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Liu Shih-tung is a Taiwanese mixed media artist, born in 1970 in central Taiwan. He has been a practicing artist since 1985 when he entered the newly established senior high school art major classes and has been working primarily with collage since the early 2000s. From July to August this year, Liu undertook a residency at 18th Street Art Center in Los Angeles, California. The article from Art Radar Journal discusses this residency along with his career and accomplishments.

Liu Chun Hai
Liu Chunhai was born in 1966 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Harbin Teacher School in 1991. Endured the harshest period of the Cultural Revolution just like many other intellectuals of his generation, he try to tell the story of a man who refuses to stay silent about the grand disaster he witnessed. His works show the true identity of girls who were at their prime of youth during the Cultural Revolution. His works question the forced morality of that specific period and visualises the hidden thoughts and emotions of an oppressed generation. He has been exhibited widely in China and abroad and his works have been collected by both public institutions and private collectors around the world.

Yao Jui Chung
Yao Jui-Chung was born in 1969 in Taipei and graduated from the National Institute of the Arts / the Taipei National University of the Arts with a degree in Art Theory. He is probably best known for his work in a number of Photographic Series works titled: Liberating Taiwan, Recover Mainland China, and Territory Takeover. Liberating Taiwan and Recover Mainland China are photographs of him, in a “mid jumping” position, giving an appearance as though he is floating in front of well known Taiwanese and Chinese landmarks and official buildings. Territory Takeover is a photographic series of the artist, posing nude and urinating in well known locations. He could, perhaps be thought of as a Taiwanese equivalent of Robert Mapplethorpe or Andres Serrano.

Lo Chan- Peng 羅 展 鵬

Lo Chan-Peng was born in 1983 in Jia Yi, Taiwan. She went to the Chinese Culture University for her undergraduate degree and received her Masters degree from National Taiwan Normal University. She is an up and coming contemporary artist who has exhibited her work in many group and solo exhibitions at galleries such as the AKI gallery.

Chihung Yang : Chihung Yang was born on October 25, 1947 in Taiwan. Between 1965 and 1968, he attended the National Taiwan College of Art. In 1979, he emigrated to the United States of America with his wife, Jane, and their son, Daniel. In 1984-85 and again in 1985-86, he was awarded a year's residency at The Clocktower in New York City by The Institute for Art and Urban Resources.

Daniel Lee 李小鏡
Daniel Lee, or Lee Xiaojing, is a well-known photographer largely recognized for his eye-catching, digital representations that utilize image-editing tools to combine human and animal features, creating fantastic imagery that not only intrigues but also alludes to philosophical and theoretical concepts such as Buddhism, Darwinism, and traditional Chinese philosophies. Born in China and raised in Taiwan, Daniel Lee presently resides in New York and continues to be shown internationally through numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as featured in various art and media publications. Some of Lee’s series include Manimals (1993), Judgment (1994-2002), and Harvest (2004). For more information, including several magazine publications written about Lee, and a look into the work of Daniel Lee visit:

Tao Ya-Lun
Tao Ya-Lun was born in 1966 in Taipei. He is a 1999 Graduate of the Tainan National University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Plastics. He creates installation pieces which include works such as “Take A Break 3” and “Consciousness in Vacuum 2”. Beside exhibiting in his native country, Tao Ya-Lun has shown work in Hong Kong, California, Helsinki, and recently in Austria.

Wen-chih Wang
Sculptor using primarily wood to create large scale works and installations. His work focuses on the connection between the body, nature and the energy produced. His first solo exhibit was in 1995 at the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, and has a significant exhibit record including the 2001Venice Biennale.