Artist and Artwork Entries by Geographical and Cultural Region (for information about this index see below)

  • Australia(entries with a "Australian artist" tag)
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This list is intended to provide a general overview of TeachArt Wiki entries for its users to get a feel of the content and scope of entries that have already been created. Each entry has been tagged as belonging to one of the following geographical designations. Like with any system of labeling and categorization not everything is clear cut. There are many cases where artworks and artists don't fit precisely under one label or could easily fit into several categories such as the case with many international contemporary artists who have lived and worked in different places. For this list we have opted to organize artworks by geographical region based on their geographical place of origin and in some cases the cultural ethnicity of their creator(s). To avoid having an overwhelming number of geographical designations we have simplified them into several geographical designations. As more diverse entries are added the listing method used will attempt to reflect that diversity. Any apparent biases in the selection and arrangement of geographical designations are unintentional. If you wish to make suggestions for improving this list or propose other ways to list content entries on the TeachArt Wiki please email the managers of the TeachArt Wiki. To have a new TeachArt Wiki entry listed here it must include the appropriate text tag.