Helpful hints and FAQ



1. Can more than one person independently edit a page at the same time?
  • If two or more people are working separately on the same page at the same time the first person who saves the page will only save the changes she/he made. The changes made by the other person(s) will not be saved. If you are working in a group make sure you coordinate the times when you are working independently.

2. I prefer to work offline. Can I copy and paste text from Microsoft Word or another word processing program?
  • Yes. If you want to write or revise text in an entry you can do it in a word processing program and paste it into a TeachArt Wiki page. It is important that when you are in the edit mode that you switch to the WikiText Editor (this option is located to the right of the "Save" on the floating Editor menu bar. Otherwise, if you paste into the Visual Editor it may keep undesired formatting code. After pasting the text in the WikiText Editor you can switch back to the Visual editor unless you want to add or delete wiki code.