EMU ARTE 360 Winter 2012 students,
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Tomb Guardian in Sancai Glaze: Christian Doctor by Chris Boudrie
Coronation Stone of Motecuhzoma II: Chelsey Pasko by Christian Doctor
River River -- Chen Qiulin: Geo Rutherford by Nathan Reitz
Plum Estate, Kameido of One Hundred Views of Edo: Chris Boudrie by Matthew Koegler
Disqualified City - Ximen, 2002 Yuan Guangming: Allison Moise by Andy Lee
Mother and Child (pfemba)--Yombe People: Matthew Koegler by Seth Weddle

Two Lovers-- Riza Abbasi: Nathan Reitz by Chelsey Pasko
Maori Moko Tattoos: Andy Lee by Henry Bogle
Gyoran Kannon- Katsushika Hokusai: Seth Weddle by Aaron Allen
Head On -- Cai Guoqiang: Aaron Allen by Geo Rutherford
Detached segment of caricatures of Animals and Humans, Scroll: Henry Bogle by Allison Moise

EMU ARTE 360 Fall 2011 students,
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Mosaic mask of Quetzalcoatl- katie dennis edited by Caitlin PutnamSplashed-color Landscape - Zhang Daqian: Lauren Hess edited by Sarah GeorgeHead On A Plate Yung-Hsien Chen: Ritchie Knox edited by Beth KraftTaipei Tomorrow as a Lake Again: An instillation by Wu Mali: Nicole Harvey edited by Amanda NicastroInvisible Project by Walis Labai - Sarah Van Loo edited by Nicole HarveyMukenga (Helmet Mask)--Kuba people: Beth Kraft edited by Lauren HessBlooming Flowers--Yang Shanshen: Amanda Nicastro edited by Sarah Van LooGreen Hei Gen No.10: Sarah George edited by Nathan ReitzDiviners Bowl: Karen Renko edited by katie dennisYama: Caitlin Putnam edited by Karen Renko
Porcelain Bowl with Xiwangmu: Nathan Reitz edited by Jay Fernelius
Yi Fan No.2--Zhang Peng: Jay edited by Ritchie Knox